The Economic Club of Tampa meets every Monday at 12:00 Noon for lunch, followed by a presentation and question/answer session led by a different guest speaker each week. Guest speakers will address the club on various topics and issues that are pertinent to our city, state and businesses.


The Economic Club of Tampa provides a dynamic forum for business, professional, elected and community leaders to identify and discuss economic, social and political issues. The Club works to identify and assist upcoming young leaders as the torch passes from one generation to the next.


After long, careful and thoughtful consideration, the Economic Club of Tampa was conceived by leading members of the Tampa community in 2013, and the club’s first official meeting as the Economic Club of Tampa was held on Monday, January 6, 2014.

The Economic Club of Tampa is an exclusive, yet diverse, business alliance that has grown into the region’s largest weekly lunch meeting organization.

The Economic Club of Tampa is a sought-after venue for presentations of importance by exceptional business, government, academic, and other respected thought leaders.

The Club fosters meaningful connections among Tampa’s business, professional, elected and community leaders to encourage dialogue on important local, regional, state, federal and global economic and social issues.

The Club is not for profit and distributes all excess proceeds back to the Tampa Bay community with the expressed interest in developing the next generation of leaders. Our focus is for our funds and annual fundraising events to benefit non-profits in our community.

Our members are ethical, honest and upright business principals, professionals, executives, academicians and leaders involved in and focused on enhancing the quality of life in the Tampa Bay region.

Our membership is vitally interested in economic development, jobs, careers, municipal services, public works, financial services, transportation, safety, education, the environment, health, infrastructure, housing and sustainability, as we!! as entertainment, sports, recreation, religion, culture, the arts and other quality of issues.

We are nonpartisan, interdenominational and respectful of all viewpoints and opinions expressed by our weekly guest speakers and each other. We honor, respect and celebrate diversity in culture, ethnicity, religion and gender, and actively seek to enhance the diversity of our membership.

Importantly, the Club is proud to be autonomous, independent and membership-based, with all volunteer officers, directors and administrators, and with no allegiance or fiduciary duty to any external governing body or outside authority.

Now, therefore, in witness whereof, we, the charter members present, do officially proclaim, decree, approve and endorse this vision statement for the Economic Club of Tampa, adopted by unanimous assent during these Dedication Ceremonies in Tampa, Florida, this 14th day of April, 2014.