Photo of Andrea Cheney, Co-Founder of the Ausec & Cheney Group

Andrea Cheney, Co-Founder of the Ausec & Cheney Group

March 21, 2022

Co-Founder of the Ausec & Cheney Group, a full-service advertising agency. The agency grew to $13M in annual billings with clients like Klondike Ice Cream, Val-Pak, New York Yankees and Nestea. Her responsibilities including marketing communications, strategies planning, and analysis for her clients.

She is currently a consultant and investor and is a founding member of 3 non-profits: The People’s Princess Charitable Foundation, Voices for Children and The Sustany Foundation. The Sustany Foundation is a non-profit comprised of eco-minded professionals advocating for sustainable/ESG businesses in Tampa Bay. Sustany hosts two major events each year, The Sustainable Buzz and The Sustainable Business Awards. Proceeds help support Community Garden Matching Grants, Sustainability Workshops for start-ups and provide free resources to businesses and organizations interested in adopting more sustainable practices. Sustany also offers simple, affordable ways to offset carbon emission by hosting local tree-planting projects; The Plant A Tree Campaign funded Florida’s largest, single-day tree-planting in June 2021