Photo of Michael Tomor, PhD, Executive Director, Tampa Museum of Art – Economic Impact of the Arts on the Community

Michael Tomor, PhD, Executive Director, Tampa Museum of Art – Economic Impact of the Arts on the Community

July 10, 2023

Dr. Michael A. Tomor is an esteemed art professional renowned for his visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to the Tampa Museum of Art. Since assuming the directorship in April 2015, Dr. Tomor has spearheaded remarkable growth and transformative initiatives that have positioned the museum as a dynamic cultural institution.

Under Dr. Tomor's guidance, the Tampa Museum of Art has experienced an extraordinary period of expansion and progress. His strategic vision was instrumental in creating a five-year Strategic Plan (2017-2021), which paved the way for the museum's ambitious renovation and expansion efforts. This forward-thinking plan included a comprehensive Space Analysis (2017) and Conceptual Masterplan (2018) to optimize the utilization of existing space and accommodate future growth.

Driven by a commitment to enhancing visitor experiences, Dr. Tomor championed the renovation and realignment of 25,000 gross square feet within the museum. These transformative changes have doubled the size of the gallery exhibition spaces and quadrupled the size of the education program space. The remarkable culmination of these efforts came in 2022 with the highly anticipated opening of the Vinik Family Education Center a cutting-edge
facility that has become a vibrant hub for artistic exploration and learning.

Building upon this success, Dr. Tomor envisions a bright future for the Tampa Museum of Art. Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, the museum is poised for further growth and expansion. Driven by a commitment to provide world-class experiences, plans are underway for a 50,000 square-foot addition to the existing facility. This exciting expansion will facilitate museum events, house a large digital exhibition program, provide spacious lecture halls, and feature outdoor sculpture spaces in public plazas and 2nd and 4th-floor terraces. Furthermore, a café restaurant will be added to create a vibrant gathering place for visitors and art enthusiasts.

The Tampa Museum of Arts evolution under Dr. Tomor's leadership has firmly established the institution as a cultural destination. The museum's renowned permanent collection now stands alongside extraordinary works borrowed from private collections and museums nationwide. Dr. Tomor's dedication to bridging the gap between the ancient and contemporary art worlds is evident in the program "Conversations with the Collection, which brings greater relevancy and context to the museum's exceptional Greek and Roman art collection.

In addition to fostering regional artistic talent through initiatives like the Skyway regional juried exhibition partnership, Dr. Tomor has also forged valuable collaborations with educational institutions. The museum's partnerships with the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa have resulted in ternships and curriculum integration, offering students unique first hand experiences within the museum's walls.

Dr. Tomor's esteemed career spans various notable roles in the art community. Before his tenure in Tampa, he served as the Executive Director of the El Paso Museum of Art, overseeing significant expansions and fundraising efforts. Notably, he established a groundbreaking partnership with the Guggenheim Museum of Art, fostering an exchange of masterpieces and expanding the cultural horizons of both institutions.

Dr. Tomor's academic achievements include a Masters and Ph.D. in Art History from Penn State University, demonstrating his scholarly pursuits and passion for preserving and exploring art.

Through his exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to the growth and accessibility of the Tampa Museum of Art, Dr. Michael A. Tomor has established a lasting legacy. His transformative initiatives, along with the museum's continued expansion, position it as a vital cultural hub, enriching the lives of visitors and the broader community for years to come.