Photo of Tom Wallace, Managing Partner, Florida Funders

Tom Wallace, Managing Partner, Florida Funders

My passion for that past 25 years has and is working with tech start-ups. I believe that we are at a pivotal time in the history of US business, specifically how companies access capital. As Bob Dylan said "for the times they are a-changin" ...the democratization of the financial systems around the world has begun! I am the Managing Partner as well as investor and board member at Florida Funders as we are part of that change. We are helping early stage companies get access to capital from investors through an online process and crowdfunding (don't let that word scare you) that was impossible just a few years ago.

As a 25 year veteran of angel investing (Tribridge ($150m tech services firm), Q-Link (sold to Adobe), RedVector (recapped at $268m) and many companies that were not successful, I have learned the hard way how challenging angel and early stage investing can be ...vetting the deals, due diligence, checking out the entrepreneurs (so important), legal docs, and negotiating valuations. It can be daunting and easy to cut corners which can be fatal. Florida Funders does all this for the investor and allows you to invest as little as $5,000 or invest in a seed fund that really enables you to diversify your risk which is so important in this asset class.

Most wealth and job creation in the coming years will come from new businesses, not large corporations ... in this great country and in these times we now all have a chance to play a role and earn a great return in the process.